“All on Four”

All on Four is a dental implant procedure that uses only four dental implants to restore an entire arch of missing teeth. This implant placement technique is ideal for patients with insufficient bone structure to support traditional dental implants. All on Four is sometimes called “Teeth in a Day.” The implants can provide maximum stability for an eventual set of fixed teeth. This restoration procedure provides patients with the look and feels of natural teeth with the convenience of permanent teeth.

The Procedure for All on Four

All on Four is a revolutionary technique for replacing missing teeth. It’s a relatively simple process that can give a complete smile makeover.

First, the jaw is assessed to determine how the implants should be placed, how many, and where the bone is best. Typically, four implants are placed on the top of the jaw to provide maximum support. Next, any teeth that need to be removed are extracted, and a temporary set of teeth are placed. The implants are fused to the jaw, and the temporary teeth are attached.

After the healing process is complete, the permanent restorations are attached. These include a fixed bridge that fills the gaps and a set of customized teeth.

The Benefits of All on Four

All on Four is a revolutionary tooth replacement method that involves four strategically placed dental implants. All on 4 is a complete arch restoration that utilizes four implants to anchor an entire arch of replacement teeth. The implants are placed in the front of the jaw, which provides a permanent and stable anchor for the “bridge.” Once the implants have healed and fully integrated with the jawbone, an entire arch of teeth is secured to the implants. These teeth can be attached using traditional dental bridges or with implant-supported dentures.

These types of restorations are an excellent choice for patients who do not have the bone volume to support traditional dental implants. All on 4 utilizes only four implants, whereas conventional implants often require six to eight implants, allowing for a less invasive treatment process. This treatment process will ensure that you can smile with confidence, and you do not need to remove your teeth for cleaning or while you sleep. All on Four offers a stable, comfortable fit that will improve your quality of life and allow you to eat and speak easily.

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